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August 17, 2022
Missions to Okosso
August 4, 2022

Missions to Logba

The Rotary club of Accra Spintex in partnership with Trans-Atlantic Environmental Inc- Light The World Missions, USA , took the first step to assist the people of Logba Abayeme and Logba Dufi by donating Solar Rechargeable Lamps, Exercise books and Mathematics textbooks to the school children and teachers to facilitate their studies and enable them study at night

Logba Abayeme has a population of about 300 inhabitants while Logba Dufi has about 250 inhabitants. Farming is the main economic activity of both communities. They cultivate cash crops, cocoa and coffee and food crops such as plantain, cassava and bananas. The two communities lack basic infrastructure. There are no roads linking the two communities on the foot of the mountain. Only foot paths lead to and connect both communities. The two communities depend on streams and springs for their potable water supply and there are no health facilities in both communities.

The Logba people live in the Afadzato South Constituency of the Afadzato District Assembly in the Volta Region of Ghana, east of the Volta Lake in the mountains of the Ghana–Togo borderland.

Logba Abayeme has a dilapidated structure for a school, that has up to class 4, with only one teacher teaching classes one through four. The teacher lives in the main town Logba Tota, at the foot of the mountain and hikes, at most, three times a week to go and teach. In the case of Logba Dufi, the Catholic Church has constructed a four-classroom pavilion that houses the basic school.

The two communities are not connected to the national electricity grid. The chance to connect to the national grid is very low due to the remote and inaccessibility of the communities. The two communities have well-structured traditional leadership regimes with a well-established communal spirit.

The Founder of Light the World Missions, Dr. Acquaah urged the citizens to look beyond the light provided through the solar lamps donated and fix their eyes on the source of light eternal, Jesus Christ, who is the Light if the World! He stressed the importance of Education and urged the children to make that their priority.