Missions to Logba
August 17, 2022

Missions to Ayohoklay

We will be going to the village of Ayehoklay in the Nsawam/ Adoagiri Municipality in the Eastern region of Ghana. The population of this village is about 370 and the main activity is peasant farming.

This village has no electricity, no schools, no portable water, no health facility, and no church. A good majority of the inhabitants do not know the Lord and rely on traditional deities for their spiritual needs. Since there are no schools in the village, the children walk long distances every day to attend nearby schools.

Light is their major priority as this helps the children study at night and also helps keep them safe from dangerous reptiles at night. The light also brings hope to these children because it gives them the opportunity to improve their educational standards and a brighter future.

On September 29th and 30th, Light the World Missions will be donating solar lamps to this village and share the Light of this World, Jesus Christ, with them. We are in partnership with Meaningful Life Ministries and Challenge Enterprises in Ghana. This will be a two-day event of sharing the message of salvation while providing light for their daily needs.