Missions to Awadiokeme- Volta Region
March 3, 2016

Bosompa, Central Region

Bosompa is about 28 kilometers away from Agona Swedru. The main road from Agona Swedru to Agona Sabah is tared with bitumen but from Agona Sabah to Bosompa is a feeder road and it's 65% motorable.

The meaning of Bosompa is the 'gods are good' or 'good god'. The population is about 700-800. There is electricity, but according to the Headteacher, most of the houses don't have light because they can't afford to pay for the bills.
They have one basic school of six classes.
There is no portable water. According to the Headteacher, some of the pupils trek from the surrounding hamlets to the school.

The school has a total of 144 pupils, 7 teachers, and 1 Headteacher. I went to the village with the assistance Pastor called Pastor Isaac. The name of the District Minister is Rev Essandoh. When we came from the village, it was around 4 o'clock pm and by then, the District Minister had left his office.

We called him on the phone and he promised that he will send the remaining information to me on Whatsapp hence the delay. He hasn't included the pictures of the hotel as at the moment but I hope we will have a final follow up on the field for accurate information and preparations for the missions.